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TAX Free

We will change from [TAX Free] to [no TAX Free] soon.
And then, You do not need to pay the handling Charge.
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Welcome to irex
The restoration parts for Japanese classic cars, for example Datsun Skyline C10, Bluebird 510, Toyopet Collora KE10, Crona RT40, Crown MS60, other classic Japanese cars correspond also to the order from overseas. Please ask freely. And, you can browse English version irex-jp is here. This version is made by Excite auto translation service, so sometimes it cannot work well. When you cannot browse our site, please browse Japanese version.
TAX Free
You will not be charged sales tax if you ship your order outside of Japan. If you are NOT logged in, then the product will display the price in the form of [including tax (excluding tax)]. If you are logged in, depending on youre country of origin, either the price [including tax (excluding tax)], or [excluding tax] will be displayed.
Handling Charge
A handling charge is required for your order. It is 1,000 yen.
Shipping Method
For a price, for 5000 or less yen, the goods which are not heavy are usual, it sends in air mail. Except it, It sends in EMS(Express Mail Service) or SAL(Economy Air). Pursuit of delivery can do EMS. The guarantee at the time of losing can also be attached. We can send to you by the date still shorter than air mail. Usually, it is from 2days to 5days. If you want low cost delivery, you can use SAL. But SAL is not registered, so we will add registered service that is only 410yen. SAL needs a little longer date than EMS. Usually it is 2weeks.
Notice: The free shipping which is not applied on order over 10,000yen. it is applied only in Japanese area.
Payment Method
We can accept credit card payment(PayPal). The commission fee is 4% per transaction. After we have confirmed the stock of your order, we will inform you the URL via email. You can see the payment procedure.. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.

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